Here at Gastalls, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible experience and service for you and your dog. Your first consultation gives us a chance to provide a quick health check where we look at coat type, coat condition, skin, posture, nails, ears, eyes, teeth and any other areas that need checking.  Helping to identify any ailments that may hamper the grooming process. We will assess your dog's temperament and discuss their history, enabling us to put the best grooming experience together for your dog. During this consultation, we can identify the most suitable products for your dog and go through the basic outline of our T's & C's. (There are full details of our terms and conditions in our information section).


We offer every client grooming advice as we’re aware that coat matting or thinning/patching may affect the style for your dog. Poodles and spaniels, for example, tend to have generic cuts, but you may wish to try something new. During the consultation, our qualified staff can gain a clear idea of your wishes and combine them with what might be best for your dog. 

 All dogs receive a full pre-groom consultation, inclusive of -


  • Meet the groomer 

  • Visual health check

  • Answer any questions or queries you may have.

  • Familiarise your dog with us. They will be free to look around and have a nose at what we do.

  • Identify your dogs coat, it's size, breed and individual needs and assists in assessing costs.

  • Discussion with the owner regarding your dogs' health, temperament, previous grooming history and any personal/medical requirements needed.