Each dog is different and brushing and maintaining your dog's coat is a necessity, in order to meet the basic needs of your dog you should be brushing your dog in line with the kennel club breed guide. If your pet's coat is matted it often causes the grooming process to become longer and can cause pain, discomfort, distress and agitation when de-matting techniques are required. It is salon policy to always try and remove coat matting/felting. Close shaving to remove matted fur (although sometimes necessary) is always a last resort. Owners can be ill-informed as to how to groom their pets. Therefore, at Gastalls we prefer to work closely with our clients and their pets to prevent matting from ever beginning. Learning the correct brushing techniques for your pet's coat is a vital part of that process.  We are happy to show you the correct ways to brush and comb your pets coat and the specialist tools needed to efficiently and safely do so. Please speak to us to discuss and arrange a 1 on 1.

Please note that a 1 on 1 session is charged at a premium rate.