Walking your dog on hard surfaces such as concrete pavements and brick paths, naturally reduces nail growth and wear down the rough nail edges. However, a lot of people walk their dogs in parks and natural areas which don't provide hard enough surfaces for natural nail wear. Overgrown and un-maintained nails - can lead to your dog feeling discomfort.

  • Nail clipping - from £10

  • Electronic Nail filing from - £10

  • Dog safe nail polish from - £10


Caring for your dog's pads and paws is often overlooked by humans- Not by the dogs! Paws are sensitive to a number of factors, including heat, cold, chemicals, sharps (thorns, glass and grit) and even fur matting between toes and in and around pads and the negative effects of these quickly arise. We strive to teach owners the way to truly care for their dog's paws advising and working with you to nurture these area's carefully. We offer a number of treatments, including paw/pad balms, clipping in and around pads, foot massage and light exfoliation.

  • Foot bathe, light exfoliation and clip/TRIM (around the foot and inner pads)

   from £15


  • Pedi-paw  

  from £6