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What information of yours is held on file and why?

All information we use is provided by you and we do not hold any more information than you have signed for on your client cards.

We keep a record of your full name, address, two contact numbers, email address (where applicable) a second contact for collection of your dog (where applicable). We also record the dates and times of your dog’s groom and what time you were informed of collection and what time your dog was collected. The details of your dog stored are as follows; Breed, age, veterinary details, canine medical records, canine behaviour, coat condition, products used and techniques used within the grooming of your dog and any advice offered. We do keep a record of your dogs grooming history for our reference. 


We hold your telephone number and name digitally on our work phone to contact you and on our online appointment diary, accessible only by staff who have signed a data protection contract. It is securely locked and covered by an up to date cybersecurity package and kept safe when not in use. This is the only information we store digitally.


This information is used as a point of contact in case of emergencies, to contact you to remind you of appointments and special offers. Only members of staff here at Gastall Dog Grooming who have signed a data protection contract, have access to your/your dog’s information. We DO NOT pass on any of you or your dog’s information to any other parties. Your information kept on your pet is stored solely for us to enhance their visit here and the service we provide to you both.


All client information is stored on our record cards and there is an opt-out option available if requested. Please be aware that if you choose to opt out, we will not then have access to your dog's grooming history and new contact information details will need to be taken each time we groom your dog. 


 Please be aware that your personal data will be stored for 5 years after your last active grooming appointment. If you wish to be removed from our data collection and have your previous information regarding your dog’s history also removed then please contact the salon on 07497393909. 


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