Puppy academy


Most people socialise their new family member via parks and public places, filled with interesting scents and doggy pals... At Gastalls we endeavour to teach you how much more you can do to advance your puppies socialising. Obviously taking your puppy out after its last inoculation is something every new owner enjoys. Proudly showing off your new baby is an event to look forward to. But have you thought that bringing them here to Gastall for a visit and a fuss might become part of that? 


 Gastall offers a puppy association pack tailor-made to your new baby's needs. Just book your spot and pop along with your new puppy and both of you can get familiarised with staff, salon, equipment, routines, and treats, during your four sessions. Have a chat with your pup's new groomer, while your pup goes through the familiarisation process. Having their paws touched and being handled, standing on the tables, becoming noise associated, feels the warmth of a dryer, sniffs in the bath, and takes it all in. We’ll show you how to desensitise your puppy to noises and grooming situations that may otherwise panic or cause them distress/anxiousness. All of this will help them to prepare for future grooming appointments and making their grooming experience a pleasurable one. 


So please book an appointment and have a chat with us and take sensory socialising and play to the next level. 


Available to inoculated puppies only.