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This page has some of our Frequently asked Questions and that answers given by our expert groomers.


Can you groom my elderly dog?

Yes, we can groom elderly and infirm dogs. Often toward the end of the day is the best time, when there aren’t other pets onsite. This reduces anxiety and we can often use more than one groomer to support your dogs and help hasten the groom. 


Are your products natural? 

Yes, all our daily shampoo is made by a company that uses natural products that are gentle and caring on your pets coat, skin and our skin too. We also have the option of an all natural cologne that doubles as a natural tic and flea repellent too.


Can you groom difficult or aggressive dogs? 

Yes, so long as we have full disclosure, we will attempt to groom most dogs. However, we can only provide a groom within the perimeter of that dog and its desire to allow trust in us.  


What happens if I miss my appointment? 

When you book an appointment you are booking out that groomers time exclusively. Anyone no-showing or late cancelling their appointment will be charged inline with our T&C’s.

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